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The first Collector's Edition! Fantastic art and stories from the best artist! Cover and lead story "TANJA UNTAMED" by C.B. Corby! Featuring savage and fatal jungle-justice! Killer NS! "TRUE LOVE" by Robin Ator. A lighter look at a relationship between a beautiful, massively muscled Femjock and her skinny Schmo. Lastly, "SURF N' TURF" by RAM. One of his best! Two muscular surfer girls in a punishing fight for supremacy! 48 pages of incredible female musculature in action! New second edition now with FULL COLOR COVER! 

March 2009 - THIS PUBLICATION IS SOLD OUT and available now in PDF format in Section 9 of our on-line catalog

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All Amazon #1


A special All Growth Issue! Behind a cover by David C. Matthews you'll find his art on the continuation of GROWING PAINS (From LH-ART COMIX & STORIES #4) one of our first growth stories. See what happens when Sally & Janet dump their special female growth formula into the city's water supply! Next LoSarro tackles the growth theme in "WALLFLOWER" poor little Lenora always the brunt of size jokes. But not after she latches onto some secret body-building formula! Gym equipment is no match for her new muscles and neither is her loud-mouthed female bodybuilding cousin either. And as for her boyfriend well, you'll just have to see what Lenora does to him! Wreckshop is here too with a great intro to the world of  MUSCULAR FEMALE GROWTH! 40 pgs!  was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #7


Another milestone issue! FULL-COLOR covers! The front is by A.R.M. & B.C. and is an airbrush masterpiece featuring the two incredibly endowed females from the story "BRUTAL BEVERLY". A fem vs. fem brawl like you've never seen before. The back cover is an exciting scene by the artist/creator of MODEL BY DAY & THE GIRL, Kevin Taylor! Two very sexy and muscled gang girls are featured here. Super Color work. Also ELIE XYR's continuation to his FULL MOON storyline featured in ALL AMAZON #'s 2, 3 & 4 entitled "SKINNERS". Also the first written piece to grace this venue "RETURN OF THE FIGHTING WOMAN" by Robin Trout! Illustrated by Lee Burks! Truly the start of even bigger and better things to come. Don't miss this issue! 40 pgs.  
was $20.00
  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #8 


Outstanding FULL COLOR COVERS. This time by ELIE XYR with the front featuring his SKINNER characters and the back being a pair of big, beautiful island girls and a little local man trapped(crushed?) between them. ELIE continues the SKINNER's epic as the true story of the old castle comes out and we see some fierce medieval battles with very deadly female swordswomen who also crush a few helmeted heads with their huge brawny thighs! The first part of REX's Mrs ARMSTRONG Works Out! This one is a must for arm strength lovers as we see Debbi do her routine with the help of her smaller, though very loyal, husband. Bench presses with over 1500 lbs!! One handed pull-ups with the little man on her back. Hubby is so turned on by all this bicep action he's nearly begging her to take him to bed for a cool-down session between the sheets! 44 pgs.  was $20.00 - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #9 


Behind a sexy FULL-COLOR front cover by REX (Back cover by Elie Xyr depicting an Amazon and her defeated Greek foe at Troy) you'll find the hot & sexy final part of Mrs. ARMSTRONG WORKS OUT story. This time she works out with her little devoted hubby underneath trying valiantly to endure the forceful lovemaking of his magnificently developed wife! Plus more of Elie Xyr's fine SKINNERS. Historically based on medieval incidents of a castle's siege by barbaric female warriors. We also spend time with Martial, Marie & the Priest as they fight off a band of midnight marauders! Great Massive muscle action here with HCA! Plus new evidence that Amazon Warrior women did exist! Illustrations By Lee Burks! A super great issue! 48 pgs.
was $20.00
- SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #11 


Featuring an astounding 54 page intro story by our newest Italian artist/writer sensation CST. MIGHTY SHE-MUSCLE is a great story in a modern gym/spa setting and Jennifer Hardstone is one super finely developed female body builder! Jennifer is densely muscled but still can look as demure as a kitten. The big muscleheads at the gym try to give her a hard time, and soon find out that when her magnificently muscled limbs and torso get to working her muscles swell out and stand out as the hardest and nearly the biggest anyone has ever seen! Great artwork shows you every cut and striation in Jennifer's finely honed body as she out lifts, out muscles and finally crushes these bruised male egos. Not even the gym's legendary male musclehead can match her. He tries to several times. Finally ending up crushed between her beautifully sculpted legs. An excellent first story that we found so good that we spotlight it in this entire issue. Great Full Color covers by CST as well. 56 pgs of great muscle girl artwork. was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #12 


Start off with Full-Color covers by Elie Xyr and a new installment of his SKINNER's series with Marie and Martial at the mercy of a band of marauders in the priest cathedral. Then Allesandra gives us her CIRCUS OF STRANGE WOMEN. When this circus comes to town the Strongwoman act is for real and when you lose to them you lose more than you expected! Then the first part of AMAZON ISLAND a lone supply ship survivor washes ashore on this forbidden All-Female penal colony containing many savage and strong women who have been without men for a long time! Art & story by LoSarro! 52 pgs  was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #13 


Full-Color covers by Scoundrel & CST.  CST's Mighty She-Muscle returns in "Flex & Sex At the Best Arm Bar".  See this densely musculed female sex-bomb put down the arms of 4 big burly males at one time!! See ERICKA squeeze several men's necks between her mighty thighs! Forrest Curran (Stepmom wore Muscle) supplies lyrical text to artist B.C.'s graphics about a tall super-developed all-female basketball team and the total destruction they inflict of their male opponents on and off the court! Enslaved and forced to service these all-powerful amazons! HCA , and FS Also "Amazon Isle" part two by LoSarro, more forced sexual servicing in a pit with two gigantic Amazon women. 52 pages of exciting ALL AMAZON - ACTION!   was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #14 


Behind dynamic full-color covers by Jim Boswell & Elie Xyr you'll find stories of exciting superior females. "TROPICAL ICE" by Chopper (artist of "IT's IN THERE" and "BIG LIL's STRIP-TEASE", Fighting Folders #37 & 44). Hot & horny Olympic speed skater must get release and begs a physical-therapist to help her. He must be plenty brave to put himself between her huge Skull-Crushing thighs! LoSarro gives us the conclusion to the fate of the guy who got "Shipwrecked on Amazon Isle". Will he survive the Big & Blonde, Slime-Twins ? Elie Xyr returns with the continuing saga of Martial and Marie and their battle with the church robbers who up-until now, have been having their randy way with big Marie (HCA) But she finally gets so angry that no matter what they got holding her down, it won't stop her from crushing a few heads between her massive legs before its over. 48 pgs.  was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #15 


Full color covers by Elie Xyr and CST . Yyr's Skinner's Epic concludes with busty Marie finally getting the better of that giant rogue outlaw. Then Allensandra brings up "Tis The Season" a Nemo Gonzago mini-feature in which our timid hero (Nemo) gets set upon by two very big, and muscularly sexy female elves. They almost tear him in two and then tear into each other as they fight over their prize. Next, It's Jennifer, that big, sexy hardbody, better know as Mighty SHE-Muscle. More "Flex & Sex at the Best Arm Bar" part two of this story entitled "Torture & Taunt". You just gotta see the strength feats and moves this incredibly built woman puts on all these big muscleheaded men! 44 pgs.  was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #16 


Color covers by CST & BC our two Italian Powerhouse artist. Jennifer Hardstone, better known as Mighty SHE-MUSCLE is back and has started taking her big Boy-Toy apart in a private room above the Best-Arm Bar. Just wait till you see the changes and painfully punishing situations she puts him into. Every muscle in her fully nude and sturdy frame gets featured here. Even the ones you can't see from the outside - namely those inside her love-canal! Elie Xyr starts off a new series set in the late 1600's with sea-going Arabian women pirates, female galley slave tenders and a lot of nautical action. Big female swashbucklers as only Elie can draw them! Allensandra gives us a little Sci Fi yarn with a female huntress out to bag herself a dangerous UMOR (Half man, half beast and plenty hot for buff space-babes!) Are the rumors true about UMORS? Find out here! 52 pgs. was $20.00  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #17 


B.C. brings back his big, busty, brutal Beverly (All Amazon #8) for a rematch with the equally fantastically endowed Carla. Both of these incredible babes are getting ready for this killer match to be held in the ring, and one of them is using some highly illegal and dangerous hormone enhancements! This one gets really wild with a huge tit-growth competition, and BC's airBrushed artwork is truly mouth-watering! Then Elie Xyr returns with his Swashbuckling epic TARTVFFE and the two medieval ships are really getting into a savage high-seas battle. When the Arabs board the French ship with highly outnumbered forces, their hugely muscled female leaders quickly even up the odds! Great period battle action here! BC's Beverly is on the front cover in Full-figured color, and Elie's equally colorful Back Cover is staggering! 52 pgs.
was $20.00
  - SALE $10.00

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All Amazon #18 



< style="font-family: helvetica,arial,sans-serif;">MARCH 2009 - THIS PUBLICATION IS SOLD OUT and available now in PDF format in Section 9 of our on-line catalog

Written and drawn by popular artist MS. Two complete stories, one featuring HIPPOLITE (Queen of the Amazons) facing a new challenge to her muscular superiority this time from a female opponent! The second is a female domination fantasy come to life in "The Adventures of Reggie Wimp! " Mixed and Fem vs. Fem action in 16 pgs.

MARCH 2009 - THIS PUBLICATION IS SOLD OUT and available now in PDF format in Section 9 of our on-line catalog


MS does it again! This time his character SWEET SUE (in FEM-FURY) is featured. It's a video shoot that goes out of control as she soon finds herself topless and going at it tooth and nail with the leading lady who wants her out! In the end the sleazy director gets it in the mouth. Also, at the all female gym for older more mature women, a young college stud thinks he can go unchallenged by these old broads until one finely developed grandmother shows him that age has nothing to do with strength and ability! Mixed bare fisted fighting and Topless wrestling at it's best! 16 pages.

SALE - $3.00

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Amazon Thrills #2  


The further crazy adventures of REGGIE WIMP! Everyone's favorite pencil-neck in the age of heroes as "Wimp The Barbarian" comes face-to-waist with the legendary Queen of the Amazons, HIPPOLITE! Also, Reggie goes down-on-the-farm to meet a farm gal built to handle the heavy chores and then some! Actually she's an 8 foot GIANTESS! All this plus pin-up pages and strength feats galore! Art and Stories by MS, 20 pgs.

SALE - $3.00

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Amazon Thrills d #3 

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