For 20+ years we have been anything and everything to do with MUSCULAR FEMALE AGGRESSION & STRENGTH FEATS in the illustrated (drawn) media. Muscular, Growth, Mixed, and Female on Female fighting, Jungle Amazons to Female super-spies, famous physique women from the past, etc., etc.!!  IF any or all of these concepts intrigue you (and you are an ADULT, 18 yrs or older) continue on to see and learn more about how to obtain our publications for yourself, order Custom Art and Stories of your own personal Female strength fantasies!  Or view stories and animations online!  New additions to the online catalog will be linked from "Merchandise" as well as announced below.

Updated JULY 9, 2018

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Custom Text Stories - commission authors like Kandor, Legion, Micha and Madman to write you a personal custom story!  And now Don Sullivan of SANDI!  A new sample story "Payback" added November 2008!

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