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Promo Gallery Added March 2018
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Also added in MarchOJHeller Galleries - 6 galleries

by LH (B&W, PDF)

478N - Melissa Story - ADDED JUNE 2016
This series is EXCLUSIVE and on-going to LH-ART member's area. 

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Custom Art Samples

PDF Cartoon STORY - "Over The Top"
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Ace Want a Lift?  - September 2010

AOS Strength & Science - February 2008

an excerpt from full length animation available in members area

Custom Art - Samples
E-mail  larryh@lhart.com for details if you are interested in ordering a special drawing, or illustrations for your personal story.

Custom Text - Sample Stories
E-mail  larryh@lhart.com for details if you are interested in ordering a special drawing, or illustrations for your personal story.

Story Menu

by LH (B&W, PDF)

Early pencil shaded stories done in the years before LH-ART was launched. I was heavily into redoing some of Stanton's stories at that time (early 1970's) You can purchase this large PDF or the other volumes at our Shopify store here, very reasonably:  https://lhartonshopify.myshopify.com/products/early-works-unpublished-vol-2

Added 6/17

Melissa "School yard bully!"

by Martin & LH (Color, PDF)

FREE sample Melissia story, which is still an ongoing series.  If you want to see the latest of her adventures, JOIN our members area, or buy complete PDF's here (http://lhartonshopify.myshopify.com/)

Added 6/16

by J. Stilton (Color, PDF)

Katie and Nate have a picnic and play on the swing set + their first kiss!

Added 9/15

Over The Top
by Elie Xyr - (PDF)

Added 4/13

TITS BOXING by LH (Art by MS) -  (Html) - Added 11/12

SAVAGE IN THE GYM pt 1 by LH & Lee Burks (PDF) - Added 02/12

The second story in the Joyce the Vice of Vise series begins with Joyce fighting off her horny male partner on a stake out only to find herself abandoned in the wrong part of town…

SAVAGE IN THE GYM pt 2 (conclusion) by LH & Lee Burks (PDF)- Added 02/12

The second story in the Joyce the Vice of Vise series concludes with another drug dealer nearly crushed to death by her fabulous thighs…

FORBIDDEN FRUIT PT 1 by Zero Galvan (Color, PDF) - Added 02/12

Skinny little woman who likes spying on her muscle headed neighbor gets a bite of a fruit that changes her into a sexy, built jungle goddess and puts her in that setting.  But her neighbor man is there too, and he doesn't like anyone looking better or bigger than he does…

A RUNNER'S STORY by LH & David C. Matthews  (Color, PDF) - Added 02/12

An LH-ART classic gets the coloring treatment (by FemXman),  You'll really get 'carried-away' by this one.

WRESTLING CHEERLEADER by Kandor &  Bill Quick  (Color, PDF) - Added 02/12

A Bill Quick classic adaption of an earlier Kandor Scissoring Storyline.  Big Brother takes a hard lesson in who is the ultimate boss in this household - OUCH!

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The galleries feature sample artwork by many LH-Art artists that
accept custom artwork assignments by request.

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